The Top 5 Scenic Drives to Take in Your Toyota Around San Antonio

September 22nd, 2020 by

Experience sweeping landscapes and stunning scenery in your Toyota by cruising down one of these top 5 scenic drives around San Antonio.

People have been flocking to San Antonio TX (to live and play) for hundreds of years. Since its inception, it’s proudly managed that perfect balance between city life and rural comfort. Even today, U.S. News continues to rank San Antonio as one of the best places to live and retire.

Whether you’re here for a visit or planning to stay, we’ve curated our own, personal list of the five best scenic drives all around our beloved city. One of the best ways to pull off a day or weekend trip like this is to take a reliable vehicle.

If you’ve been Googling “Toyota San Antonio” recently, it’s time to stop. We’re going to pair some of our favorite south-central sights with the best vehicle to get the job done.

Whether you’re cruising down a scenic highway with no destination in mind or you’re loaded up for a weekend under the stars, we have your roadmap. Let’s fire up our engines and enjoy some of the most spectacular sites in all of Texas.

1. Bandera

If you’re in Texas, then you simply have to go to the Cowboy Capital of the World. And that, friends, is Bandera. This is a small town (by comparison to San Antonio) that’s maintained a quaint, historical feeling.

You’ll note numerous historical buildings as you explore downtown, but this is also the place to secure a wild ride atop a Texas stallion.

Okay, you probably won’t find any tour companies eager to seat newbies atop a stallion, but you’ll friend plenty of four-legged friends that will be happy to show you this corner of the country.

One of the best places to get the full effect of a western way of living is Silver Spur Ranch. They offer plenty of day excursions, but you can also book an extended stay for the full effect.

2. Canyon Lake

While Bandera is the Cowboy Capital of the World, Canyon Lake is “Where Watersports Ae King.” That’s their tagline and rightfully so. This is one of the deepest lakes in the state, making it a great place for all kinds of watersports.

It also hosts eight campgrounds, a couple of marinas, and plenty of boat docks to enjoy a fabulous weekend stay.  If you have any fishers in your family, then this is where you’ll want to spend the day.

The best vehicle for this excursion is the Toyota Highlander. Its extra legroom makes it easy to gather friends and family for a quick day in this quintessential park.

3. Garner State Park

While we’re on the subject of camping, let’s discuss Garner State Park. In lieu of a luxe lake, you can check out a rustic river, the Frio River. It’s actually quite calm and pristine, creating a lovely, calming effect for the entire family.

Fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and more will only be a stone’s throw away from your campsite. The Frio River is noted for being cool and clean. So, it creates the perfect backdrop for a day filled with hiking, topped off by a splash down at the river.

A new Toyota Tacoma will get you to Garner State Park and help you secure the perfect campsite. Allow it to help you climb over those riverbanks until you find your site for the night.

4. Fredericksburg

Let’s go back to an old-town feel like Bandera. Fredericksburg is kind of like that, with an added twist. A little over an hour outside of San Antonio, you’ll find Fredericksburg.

It’s pretty as a picture, putting 19th-century Texas on full blast. As you stroll downtown, you’ll take in classic Texan architecture, dip in and out of quirky coffee shops, and support all kinds of local businesses.

But, one of the most thriving businesses in Fredericksburg is wine. Fredericksburg is smack, dab in the middle of what’s being dubbed as Texas’ wine country. So, this is the place to secure an Airbnb for the night and enjoy all the culinary feats to be found in this postcard of a town.

Since you’ll be taking the scenic route from San Antonio to Fredericksburg (and staying the night), a 2020 Camry will do the trick. You’re going to enjoy fuel efficiency as well as the perks of a well-appointed, reliable new vehicle.

5. El Camino Real

How about a drive without a destination? We love to hop onto whenever we’re in the mood to roll down the windows and drive with wild abandon. Okay, maybe not wild abandon (because we don’t like to alert the DOT officers on I-35), but carefree joy for sure.

Go-Texas’ section on San Antonio TX drives is seriously on-point. One of our favorite San Antonio drives is the El Camino Real. In English, it means “The King’s Highway.” It was once the main thoroughfare between Texas and Mexico, but it’s since become one of the main lines between Texas and Louisiana.

So, actually, Christmastime is the best time to take this drive because it connects San Antonio to Natchitoches, LA (a town touted for its spectacular Christmas decorations). But, as you travel, you’re going to drink in Texas’ quiet, scenic, and rural side.

The only major city you’ll wave to as you flit on by is San Antonio. Aside from that, it’s all about small towns, ancient missions, and old jail houses. Consider any one of our alternative fuel vehicles and drive until your legs need a stretch. It’ll be one of the most peaceful, memorable days of your life.

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